Saturday, October 11, 2008

How Long It Takes (to get ready for the day arrrrgghhh!)

Good morning. Even though it's Saturday, there's lots to do, so I need to get up pretty early. I have to feed the cat and dog just about everyday (unless I'm sick or on vacation, in which case my husband, Bill, steps in--he's gone until tomorrow night). Then I'll feed myself. On weekends, I catch up on house chores--the boring things such as cleaning dirty clothes and vacuuming endless golden retriever hairs off of every surface. I could knit a sweater with this hair and maybe I will. Maybe I can locate my spinning wheel somewhere around here.

I have an eleven o'clock aerobics class on an awesome exercise system called "Living Motion." Then I'll take our dog, Samantha for a run... and throw things. Her favorite toy is the kong, preferably thrown into a body of water. Finally, I'll go back home and make lunch. Maybe more blogging and housework and if I'm lucky, some reading. I'm currently reading Dean Karnazes' 50 50. (50 marathons in 50 days in... you guessed it... 50 states - ouch!

I have a compulsion to read books like this to stay motivated. Since I lost most of my fat 11 years ago, I've developed some habits that are, for the most part, built-in. One of them is to stay close to videos, literature, seminars and any other informational and inspirational media to keep me excited enough to stave off my addiction to late-night carb bingeing. Last night, for instance, I did something I haven't done for a long time. My husband is away, and although I'd like to blame that scenario, it's just wrong for me to do that. After a fairly good supper of 6-8 ounces of chicken, some broccolini (it's just delicious!) and salad, I had a fudgesicle that was very satisfying. But some evil force that I still have trouble identifying crept into the depths of an unwary space inside of me that was temporarily unarmed, and off to the kitchen I went to spread two whole wheat slices of bread with peanut butter. Now, that's not the worst thing I've ever done. Last night, the damage happened to have stopped there. But I'll be on guard again tonight, when I'll have to fortify myself all over again. Got to get ready for the class - see? It does take me a while. Later all!

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