Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mostly Downs with an Uptick

I'm up early this morning, but have been flat on my back for the last week or so. (The one who's supposed to be preaching health has reverted to the realm of studentdom!) While I like being the position of learning - I do - lots (she protests!) - I hate having the dual problems of flu and disc problems at the same time.

I've been more than frustrated, but I'll save it as I'm beginning to poke through the fog and move around a bit - uncertainly, for sure, but move! Yay! My hubs was an angel and got me out into the gorgeous weather we've been having, which was awesome (funny how one appreciates the little things after stress (sickness?). Eyes opened wide! Will try to update (on not much!) in the next couple of days. Worked last Monday, but than crashed. Hope to get back to work/lite workouts at some point next week. Will start with some bands today --arrrggghhhhhh! I often wonder if the fact that I took such horrible care of myself for so long - so much of my life - has contributed to some of the chronic problems I have these days, when I have fairly healthy habits? Bummer.


Lori said...

Hope you get to feeling well soon!

Heather Waghelstein said...

Disc problems are no fun. Stay nice and hydrated to fight that Flu. Feel better soon.

LastJourneyDown said...

Thanks so much for the nice thoughts. Will get back to writing soon, but NOW pre-occupied with a brand new granddaughter, born on Monday. Wow - I've forgotten how tiny newborns are!

Samantha: said...

Smantha is my other blog - scuse the mistake - it's me, Miche! Happy hump day!