Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Distractions... Only a Little...

I’ve been trying to weed through the chores around here lately and again, I've been distracted. It’s been a busy last three days and there’s a slow ache coming on in my outer limbits that no mechanical orchestration of time seems to be able to heal. Yeeeooowww! Some tough workouts!

I’m on a marketing push these days for Last Journey Down and the work is sopping up my blog time, damn! It’s definitely exciting to have something in the palm of my hand that I've worked on for so long. On the other (palm of) hand, it means taking the responsibility to sell that thing! I’m not very good at this, since one of the problems I have is “to love myself—what I am and what I do" and communicate it! There, I wrote it! Miz—I definitely need to go after one of those t-shirts.

On Saturday, took the dog for tracking practice. Then I cleaned house, did laundry and vacuumed—all of the exceedingly boring stuff one does on weekends. But on Sunday, Hubs and I took son, Anthony, granddaughter, Cameron and dog, Samantha, to San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza to ice skate. What an awesome reminder that it was winter and that as a family and also as pals, we love to do things like this with each other. If we can’t go to the Sierras to ski [lack of snow (and $$$ - really)], skating is a fab reminder that we like activities that take place outdoors—lots! I raise a toast with mug of tea to a cool (tho not tooooo coooollllld) outdoor winter sports experience to you all!


Mara said...

We all get distracted so don't worry and I am sure your project will do well and don't be shy you earned it.


bbubblyb said...

I looked for the book yesterday but couldn't locate it. I'd love to read it.

Loved the picture of you with your son and granddaughter. You know I've never ice skated or skiied in my whole life, it's on my list of things to do someday. Made me realize all that's possible in a smaller body.