Monday, December 1, 2008

Lynn's Blog Reminded Me Of...

Lynn’s blog about beets and brussels sprouts hit me over the head with a resounding thump. I actually prepped beets and brussels sprouts a couple of days ago to cook for today’s and tomorrow’s veggies, although I didn't plan on having them for breakfast! Vegetables, however, for my first meal of the day did remind me of one 12-week diet I did about three years ago.

I write a bit about part of this in the book (that will be available for pre-orders in about a week – quite scary, but exciting at the same time...). Without giving too much away, six months after reaching goal weight, I decided to sign up for Bill Phillips’ EAS challenge, as it was called then. I used a modified “contest” diet that a couple of trainers “prescribed” for me at the time. I was required to eat protein and veggies for breakfast (with oatmeal) for the first couple of months, but for the final month, I was only allowed a starchy carb for breakfast every third day. This inevitably weakened my performance in the gym of course—incredibly frustrating.

The “diet” (almost a fast, really) was wearisome—an exasperating test to keep my mind’s eye on the prize, so to speak. One morning, on a non-starch day, I realized that I had nothing remotely appetizing for breakfast. Uh oh. I rooted around the fridge and cupboards and found some... sardines (yuchhhhhk!) and some canned spinach. Who on earth buys canned spinach? (I can only think of Popeye, but it still didn’t help my strength at the gym.) I guess I must have bought that stuff – Gawwwddd! So I made myself a small plate of sardines over a bed of green guck and forced it down. That is what Lynn’s blog helped remind me of: my only recent experience of veggies (other than onions and mushrooms in an egg white omelet) for breakfast! Thanks Lynn! And maybe I will have some beets for breakfast... far more enticing than canned spinach.


Sandrelle said...

EWWWW!!!! :)Miche, I c a n n o t imagine eating that.

Lori said...

Haha! Isn't it amazing what we will eat sometimes in the name of weight loss?

Jen's Journey said...

Ha! It is true what we will eat to loose weight!! I have been eating Millet as of late and as I was doing my research I learned it was a major ingredient in bird food...LOL! What can I say, but sardines over spinach - that is a winner! Oh my word!! Great post!!!!

Thanks SO much for your support on my blog!


Lori said...

BTW - I also wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for a Marie Antoinette award, real blogs by real people.

You can take a peek here