Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lori's Gift!

I am dumbfounded and incredibly honored by Lori’s nomination for the Marie Antoinette, real blogs for real people award. In so short a time, I’ve discovered a mind-blowing community of people who are always warm and generous in their support of each other (and me!) Three cheers to everybody! It’s hard to open up and share our very personal thoughts and lives with so many people we often don’t know. Courageous, indeed. I’m very touched. Thank you so much, Lori and I nominate the following seven people for the Marie Antoinette award:
You have all helped and supported me so much in the last couple of months that I've joined this community - please check out these peoples' blogs if you aren't already following. These women are tremendously inspiring! Thank you again, so much for this award. I am truly grateful!
xoxo Miche


Mara said...

Thank you so much it is an honor!


Jen's Journey said...

Thank you SO much!! It means a great deal to me!

Blessings - JEn