Friday, November 7, 2008

Hard to Admit but... in All Honesty...

Okay, it’s time to face facts. Besides the need to become more computer literate, I need to drop 15 pounds. I’ve been trying, but seriously folks, without the planning that comes with serious commitment, pounds do not melt off the body by themselves. Lifelong experience tells me that about 80% of fat loss is “Diet,” and 20% is exercise, I’ve been about 15% “on” and I’m very disappointed in myself.

My reality goal weight is 150 pounds. I weigh (gasp!) 159#. Not happy. When I think about my current weight, I tend to pat myself on the back for keeping off 77½ pounds for eleven years. But that’s not the point. I don’t feel good or look the way I want to look—the more I think and write about it, the angrier I am becoming. History, however, has proven that if I can get mad enough about something I’m unable to do with regard to my bod, I dig deep and find a way to crawl out of my anger—and pretty fast, too! But I must be honest; I’ve been complacent lately. Writing about this helps and I know there are 100s of you out there who can relate with a backslide. But it’s hard to admit that after so long, I still snacked on yucky cookies the other night—how could I have done that? Regardless... I need to do something now. I’m tired of trying different workouts, climbing hills and beating myself up mentally and physically.

So... I’ve just put together a journal of sorts, with my weight, goals and body fat% all right in there. Twice, in the last ten years, I participated in a Challenge put out by a supplement company (EAS), started by Bill Phillips some dozen years ago. Phillips is now pretty well-known for his annual Body-for-Life challenges and book. I respond well to challenge and am just about ready to sign up for another. I’m a bit late for this year, but plan to start anyway! Has anyone out there ever tried these challenges? Just wondering... I’ll be logging my stats here, just as my book comes out, scared half to death, but trying to be brave at the same time. Wish me luck!!!

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