Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sometimes I just feel so spoiled - a feeling that looks a bit like guilt. Last night, I was watching the news and saw a story about San Francisco’s food banks. Like this country’s own banking industry, stock in S.F.’s food banks (and probably other cities’ as well) has tanked out. No matter what, guys, I've always gotten my greedy little paws on food - somehow! I’m trying to persuade some of my grandkids’ parents to leave some food – any food – in the hands of our very over-capable guys and gals at any Fire Department around here, but it’s an uphill battle and really, only a drop in the barrel.

Strange. Even though my hubs and I have suffered through financial difficulties at different times in our working lives, I have, of course, always been able to score food. I never shared any of it, natch! Hah! Are you kidding? No one knew I was stealing - stealing from the budget to hoard my stash of candy, cookies and other baked goods around the house, not to mention all the fast food I managed to get my hands/mouth around.

Money’s definitely tight these days. It’s likely to be a tough Thanksgiving for hundreds of thousands, and an even more difficult time near Christmas. Many of the small businesses in our community place large barrels inside their entrances, into which customers can drop one, or, a dozen non-perishable food goods. Just ONE helps, or so I understand. (There are lots of people who live in our community.)

I tend to drop a couple of things into barrels located at two of my favorite hangouts. One is at the market, of course, and the other? I drop packages of holiday cookies into the barrel at my gym. At least these won’t be ingested by me. I leave both places a bit mollified, and not just for my own food and exercise needs. I'm still aware of that spoiled "me" feeling, however, but it makes me aware of my gratitude for the things my family and I are blessed with.

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Cammy said...

There was an article just this morning in our local (Memphis) paper about how many families are cutting back or eliminating their traditional dinners for economic reasons. So sad. Thank you for the reminder that I can do something to help out!

Thanks also for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad to have found your blog and am very interested in reading your book. I'm so glad to know you've kept your weight off for so long. I'm at a fearful stage, afraid mine is going to come rushing back on. :)