Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stunning Info!

Anyone who’s visited the 3FatChicks website knows that it is an veritable font of information on an encyclopedic scale within its forum. The dieter, the maintainer, the exerciser, the-you-name-it-who –wants-to-change-one’s-body can find help or illumination on topics that range from food (and recipes) to fitness. Although I haven’t been a “regular” for over a year, I’m haunted, on a daily basis, by a “Sticky” that Meg posted quite a while ago. Perhaps the research has been proven null and void at this point, but I wanted to offer the link to this post. It concerns a rather startling piece of a research puzzle regarding maintainers that we should all check out. If you’ve all seen it already, I apologize for repeating info that you know. Here ‘tis: I know I’m still stunned. Love to know what y’all think.

I’ve gotten through the day without a major hitch... yet, but the night curtain falls and I must be on guard against the monster carb attack. I’m pretty well armed, with determination, pictures, stats and plans, but intentions can go awry. My resolve is strong right now, especially after rereading “Meg’s” post as well as the responses. Pretty powerful stuff. I’m going to get through this evening successfully. BIG hike with Samantha tomorrow a.m.

Trip to Chicago sounds like a blast and I wish I were with you—maybe next year? Have fun everyone!
From a True Food Junkie,

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