Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What is the DEAL?

What is the deal? I’m up at 5 a.m. and don’t have clients until nine o’clock. I should be dressing and on my way to the gym, or at least get on that spin bike we have (lucky us!), but that “other” part of myself is wanting her coffee and newspaper way too much more than exercise. I know that this mindset’s a habit that can (and needs) to be broken for the time being, at least, but I’m resistant.

I’ve read some of the blogs I follow in the last half hour instead of the paper and am refreshed—inspired! Be back later to finish this! THANK YOU ALL SO, SO MUCH! I’m off to take a run with the dog up a ridge nearby.

Later today after voting: I feel so lucky to find blogcompany in internetspace. I would never have pulled myself out of the gutter to move around in the humid outdoors without the bloggers out there who unabashedly write of the courageous things they are doing to lose weight and/or maintain a body that is functional and basically, happy.

I eventually went to work this morning, which takes place at Gold’s gym in northern California. After training a couple of people, I trained myself, because, after all, that’s what I need to do on a daily basis! Awwkkkk! Sometimes I resist resisting, however. I don’t really work out everyday, because I’m human, and also, because I’m prone to all the same commentary I hear from my clients: “I didn’t have the time,” or, “I took a long walk around ______ Lake the day before yesterday and didn’t think I needed to do any cardio today, “or any-you-name-it-excuse. I know them all. Just as I know all the diets that have ever been in existence. Only one works: the one where you treat the act of weight loss like a checking (or debit) account. Calories in, calories out. I don’t know any other way for my body, but if you’ve found a better (or easier way) please, please let me know! I know I’ll struggle tonight, just like any night, putting up barriers against evening-carb-syndrome or the “that can’t go to waste” disorder.

After my gym workout, I drove home (should get a bike, eh?) and took the dog for another outing. I may have gotten in my cardio on the hill this morning, but Samantha needs more. Many kong-tossings later at the park, we return to the abode, where I sit in front of the computer and create lists of changes to the proofs of my book (will this book every happen?). Finally, I finish and email it all off into cyberspace. Time to finish this blog and post.

Have planned a good, but simple chicken dinner with election TV as a side dish. Bon soir!

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Lori said...

I just found your blog - I look forward to your book coming out! It's nice to find other century losers who have kept the weight off!!