Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving Hike, Weigh In Day and Impatience...

Friends have sometimes asked what we’re doing for, say... Labor Day weekend, or New Year’s Eve, or where we’re going over holidays A, B or C. The answer is always the same old boring response: nowhere. Often, I feel that we must be incredibly boring. I know that I can be incredibly impatient. Then again, hubs and I don’t get stuck in those horrible traffic jams on Sunday or Monday holiday afternoons. Likewise, I’ve never gone shopping on “Black Friday.” I probably should, as it might save me a ton of bucks, but I can’t bear to face even the thought of those crowds. What a wimp!

Instead, while my poor hubs trudged off to work this morning, I loaded dog in car and drove north to the trailhead of one of my (and dog’s, as well) fave hikes. It’s a beautiful day here in NoCal, but as we rounded the last corner of Indian Valley Road to park, there were dozens of cars, rather than the usual two or three... sigh. Once on the path, though, the trail was clear and the vistas spectacular. The leaves crunched under my feet with each step as I picked up the pace (dog always beats me to “gifts” horses have left—“LEAVE IT” I bark at her, to no avail). I decided to take one of the “roads less traveled” and turned off the main fire road onto the Waterfall trail. Right now, it’s lovely to reach a trickling cascade in our drought-ridden countryside. Dog waded around the pool above the fall and barked at the squirrels while dancing lightly on her paws around a large oak tree, ears eagerly alert. We continued on.

I feel so lucky to live in a place where we can comfortably plan to be active outdoors without (well... usually) facing 15 degree temps when we step out our front doors. Some of you have been writing about running 5 or 10Ks – even half and full marathons in sub-frigid weather. My hats off to you all, big-time! Huge congrats! I’ll bet that your bodies burn gi-normous amounts of calories just standing and breathing in that arctic air!

Samdog and I continued up the path to the top and enjoyed the views for a few minutes, finally turning around and heading back down to the car. A good couple of hours of fun and peace and beauty after yesterday’s crazy, but wonderful gathering. We encountered several families and dogs and runners on the return trip, stopping to meet and greet each with our own and distinct “formalities.” Samantha barked at a couple of equestrians who trotted past. I built up a sweat hiking up the hill and was getting a bit chilled, so we picked up the pace.

A couple of phone calls awaited me on the cell. My mother had called me from NY. I was able to get back to her for a good chat about her Thanksgiving with my sibs and their kids. And son, Anthony called to invite me to see a movie called, “Four Christmases,” with the girls. Cool! With the help of Fandango, we should be able to avoid too much of a line. See how impatient I can be? It’s the same with weight loss. If I’ve been close to perfect or exactly on target with the food and exercise, and I don’t lose at least eight pounds, I go ballistic. Definitely something to work on... I'm starting with snacks right now. Packing a few pistachios and some celery with some lemon water for the movie. And, as it's weigh-in day, thought I'd share the fact that despite the crud and lack of intense exercise, managed to lose 1.3 pounds. Yay!


Anonymous said...

It was a good day for a hike. I went to Purisima, which was foggy and cold. I got there by 9 am, and it wasn't yet crowded, but when I left at 2 it was packed. No doggies allowed, though.

Lori said...

Congrats! A post Turkey day loss is amazing!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the loss! hard enough to do this week ;)

I, like you, wouldn't be caught dead out shopping on Black Friday. Did you hear about the Walmart Employee who was trampled to death today at 5am when the store opened? A crowd of 2000 or so shoppers rushed the doors, tearing them right off the hinges. People get CRAZY holiday shopping sometimes!

Your hike sounds wonderful. I was hoping for a walk today myself, but the cold rain kept me in the house. I can't wait to get back to the pool Monday. four days in the house is TOO MUCH.

Juice said...

I'm envious of your hike. Sounds wonderful. And my pup enjoys the horse "gifts" as well. Disgusting!