Friday, November 14, 2008

Weigh Day

One week later I step on the scale. Down 1½ pounds. I’m slightly devastated since I’ve really been mindful of my food intake and my choices every single day. I've been exercising vigorously—six days of cardio this week and four weight training sessions.

“Never mind,” I tell my negative self, “keep going and the pounds will go too.” So I went for a good walk early this morning (dog tracking training with friends) until my throat got more sore than it had been and I felt warm. It was not from the unseasonably hot weather we’re having in California, but I could feel achiness in my body. So, I’m home now, trying to write this and get it posted. I promised myself to check in every Friday with weigh-in results, no matter what, so... here I am. A short little blog, but an important one.

Headed for the couch (oh no!) to rest and also to finish Refuse to Regain, but have a good weekend, friends, and will catch up later. Again, love reading all your blogs; they are truly inspiring.


Lori said...

Great job on the loss! That is a great weekly loss.

I also have Refuse to Regain, and am working through it.

Jen's Journey said...

Well done on the 1.5 pound loss! That is wonderful!!! I know it can be hard when we work so hard and are hoping for a larger loss each week - but 1.5 in a week is GREAT!!

Keep pressing on and thank you so much for stopping by my blog! We are still here in Siberia - most likely through the end of Jan or Feb. One more winter to go!!

Hope your day is a blessed one!

Work hard, reach high!!