Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Just got in a workout that was extra fun because a friend and I were experimenting with an extra heavy-duty Spri Superband (color: purple) that I just bought. One of my perpetual goals is to perform one—just one—unassisted pull-up. I thought that this little “helper” could be the conduit to my dream! We flung the one end of the loop over the high bar of a squat cage and pulled it through the “hole” left in the middle into a knot known as a “cow hitch.” While my friend, Rob, pulled down the heavy elasticized loop far enough for me to step into (from a stool), I grabbed the high bar and voila! Pulled up and down (with rather bad form), performing pull-ups of a sort. The “action” doesn’t feel like a typical assisted pull-up machine; the elastic has a somewhat different effect. I found I got into better form when I stuck my knees into the loop instead of my feet, but the exercise became more difficult.

(This is what a more flexible version looks like. Oops - can't seem to copy the image... sorry!) The purple superband is about 2 inches wide and much more rigid. Fun and games at the gym. Just got back from a dog outing—these are usually good for a chuckle, as Samantha always puts on her doggy-face expectant look that simply cracks me up before I throw the kong out to her. I’m so happy today anyway that just about everything makes me smile!

Speaking of smiles, I’m picking up my youngest granddaughter at school later; she also has a knack for making me giggle. At 7½, she tends to regale me with all sorts of jokes, “knock-knock” and otherwise. If she’s heard a good one from her older sister, she often forgets a significant piece of the puzzle, but the new gag is even funnier! Lucky me to have such neat grandchildren. (Let’s see if that heart will stay there... It didn't!)

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carla said...

ok I read this a few times and saw SUPERBAD ....until I got it ;)

I *should* do the bands since theyd be so easy to travel with.